Microsoft Released Windows Update Fix

For anyone with a third party Windows Update solution and even some with Microsoft’s own WSUS solution, last month could have caused an serious performance decrease (memory and CPU utilization very high using process svchost.exe) during windows update scanning for Windows 7 computers.  This issue appears to have been caused by a limitation in the Windows Update service; which has been patched to correct the issue moving forward.

To obtain the patch:

To read more about this issue from the perspective of System Center:

To approve this patch: Approve during normal patch cycle testing/approval processes with a quickness.  Monitor deployment of this patch carefully. In our experience, this bug actually prevents computers from receiving the update normally so a gpo-based or scripted deployment may be desired/required to see full deployment.

For assistance with this process, you can reach the Weston Group at our helpdesk. See for details.